Aug 17, 2010

Happy August!!!

Hi Everyone! Hope you are doing well!

Things are going really good in our house. My little brother is going to be 11 weeks old tomorrow! Time sure does fly. He is doing super duper great! He is sooo smiley and loves when you talk to him and make funny noises at him. He enjoys play time on his mat and loves the swing and bouncy chair. He is sleeping really good for mommy and daddy. He averages about 7 hours before he needs to eat again. So my Mom is feeling much more rested these days. Kesler had his 2 month appointment last Monday. He weighed 12#4oz and was 23 inches long. He's in the 50th percentile for his weight/height. I sure do love having a little brother. I talk to him and try to tickle him lots. I think he'll be a little more fun once he can actually play with me.

I'm doing great too! THe BIGGEST news is that I'm potty trained! I'm a big girl now and don't need those diapers anymore. I basically potty trained myself. From the first day where I wore only big girl undies - i've only had one accident! Even sleeping at night with big girl undies!! YAHOO. As a reward, my Mom and Dad decorated Kesler and I's bathroom with Monkey decor! Its super cute.

We've had a fun summer. Lots of swimming, lots of swinging at the park, hanging out with friends and family too. I've been to the beach a couple of times - i really enjoy playing in the sand and building sand castles!

Recently my mom has started working out so she brings Kesler and I to the gym daycare. Its a nice break for my Mom and I know she enjoys working out and getting back into shape.

We recently got a visit from my Great Aunt and Uncle Mel and David from Nebraska! Mel is my granpa's sister! It was fun to see her again. Aunt Heather and Cousin Kaitlyn also came - I love when Kaitlyn comes and we get to play. We both wore our matching Nebraska Cheer outfits!!

Thats all I know for now! Love you all!

Jun 28, 2010

Week 4

Hi Guys!

My little brother will be 4 weeks old on Wed! He is doing really good! I'm having a great summer so far! Daddy is giving me swimming lessons and I'm doing really good! Yesterday I was kicking so good that with my water wings on, I was going all over the pool ALL BY MYSELF. I was even jumping in off the side by myself! I sure love the water! Its been hot here the last couple days - over 100 degrees!

I'm starting to become potty trained as well!! YAHOO. The last few days I've been wearing big girl undies and going in the potty MOST the time. =) Hopefully soon I won't need diapers anymore! I know my parents will be happy.

Here are some new pics of Kesler!!!


Jun 8, 2010

My Baby Brother is HERE!!!

Hi Everyone! My baby Brother was born last Wed June 2nd at 7:58am! He weighed 7lbs 2oz and was 19" long. His name is Kesler Samuel McPherson. He is such a good baby boy. We brought him home on Thursday and he has been doing so great! And my brother is SOO cool he already brought me some presents! I got some Roller Skates, A helmet, some princess books, a curious george book and some pretty nail polish!

My mom and dad are doing great too. Daddy has started Instructor Pilot upgrade so he is really busy with work and Mommy is really busy taking care of me and Kesler!

I will write more and post new pictures!! Here are some pictures of my brother, mom, dad and me!


May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mommy's! I've been doing really good lately and having lots of fun. My Mommy is done working now so we've been spending lots of time together. We've been going on walks in the mornings which I really enjoy. We pick flowers along the way too!

Last weekend I got to spend both Saturday and Sunday with my Grandpa and Grandma, Aunt Heather, Cousin Kaitlyn and of course Mom and Dad. On Saturday they came over for dinner and we had a lot of fun. Kaitlyn and I got to go swimming in our pool -we both just love the water. I think that Grandma and Grandpa had a lot of fun watching us swim! Then on Sunday they came over again and we had a big Sunday morning brunch!

Yesterday Daddy took Mommy on a surprise Day Trip to Amador County Wineries! They went to a few wineries and tasted some wine - they said it was yummy. I made sure to tell Mom to not have too much - she said she just had a few sips. I know they bought a few bottles of wine since Mommy is looking forward to enjoying some soon! After the wine tasting they went to dinner at restaurant in Plymouth called Taste. Its a super fancy place in the tiny town of Plymouth. They both said the food was amazing and it was the best meal they'd had since they could remember! I'm glad they got so spend a special day together. I was really glad b/c I got to spend the day with Nanna and Poppa! We went to the park, played in the backyard in a pool, played with dolls, played with Gi-Gi - I had so much fun!! Thanks Nanna for a fun filled day!

My brother is still inside my Mommy's tummy - I don't quite understand how that works - but I really want him to come out soon because my Mom said he's bringing me some presents and I LOVE presents!! I'll keep you posted on him - he's supposed to come out May 28th - but maybe he'll be early (or late). Love you all!

Apr 26, 2010

New and Exciting Things (and people) to come!

Hi Friends and Family!
It has been quite awhile, but that doesn't mean i have forgotten about you! I have been doing SOO good! I'm just about 2 and a half years old now! I can say the whole alphabet, count to somewhere in the mid teens, and i can even identify all letters of the alphabet and numbers up to 10 on flash cards! I know all my shapes - even ones like Octagon and Trapezoid! I know all my colors too! My preschool is so great, they teach me sooo much! We do lots of arts and crafts, circle time, play time and there are lots of Birthday Parties too!

I've been doing fun things at home too! Yesterday we spent all day at our new pool! I had so much fun. The water is pretty cold still, but i enjoyed playing with my toys and just being in the pool and enjoying the fabulous weather!

My Mom and Dad are doing really good too! My Dad has been working lots, but hasn't had to be gone all that much, we love when he is home! My Mom has been working from home full time since January and this is her last week of work and she is VERY excited and so am I! We are going to spend lots of Mommy and Reese time together before my little brother gets here. And Daddy is off of work for half of May as well - so we are going to have lots of fun family time.

So my Little Brother! Yeah! He is due May 28th! I'm really excited for him to get here. I've been practicing with my baby dolls alot. I feed them, bath them, change their diapers and put them to sleep. I know I am going to be a great big sister!

Here are some pictures!! I promise to keep the blog up to date now - especially with the new baby coming soon.
Love you all!

Nov 30, 2009

I'm Officially 2!

Hi! Well I had my Birthday on the 19th and it was soooo much fun! I had lots of friends at my preschool who celebrated with me! We made Elmo Cookies, ate Elmo cake, danced and opened presents. I got SOO many fun toys. I sure do have great friends!
Then on the Saturday after my birthday we had my family birthday party! It was fun too! My Nana, Papa, Aunt Jenny, Grandma, Grandpa, Great Aunt Jenny and Uncle Jack, Great Aunt Jane and Uncle Bill, my mom's friend Michelle and of course Mom and Dad were all at my party! We all talked and played and ate cake and ice cream! I just LOVE ice cream! This shouldn't surprise anyone considering how much I love milk. =) I got MORE presents at this party - I'm such a lucky girl!
I had my 2 year dr appt and I did NOT like it at all. I screamed when they put me on the scale, measured my height and my head. Even when the DR looked in my ears, eyes and mouth I was not a happy camper. And the shot - that was the LEAST fun. But i did get a sucker out of the deal, so I guess its ok. Here are my stats! I weigh 25lbs and I'm 35" tall. I'm tall and thin for my age. The doctor didn't seem to mind at all. He said he was happy to see a thin child! haha - so I'm all healthy and good!

I continue to talk lots and lots. I'm doing soo good with sentences and counting and shapes and letters too. I've started to say I want "TWO" blankets or "TWO" cookies. One just doesn't cut it anymore. I also talk about myself in the third person a lot. I say, "This is Reesie's Blanket". I also like to tell Mommy and Daddy what is theres and what is mine. "Mommy's Phone", "Daddy's Shoes" and things like that!

We put up our Christmas Tree this last weekend and it was fun! I loved helping Mommy with the ornaments and the lights. I keep telling her the tree is "Pretty". I can't wait for Christmas and for Santa to come! I don't even know what he is going to bring me since I got so much great stuff for my birthday already!!!

Thats all for now! Love you all!

Nov 11, 2009

November - 2009

Wow, it has been SO long, I can't believe it. I'm so sorry! I'm doing very good these days - I'll be celebrating my 2nd birthday next week! I'm talking a ton and putting 4 and 5 words together in sentences. I love to play outside and at the park, I love to color, I love to ride my bikes and lots of fun stuff like that. I also enjoy "Jumping" every chance I get - like out of the car, off of curbs, off of the couch (this alarms my parents a bit) and even off and on Duke!

Next week is my birthday and I'm having it at my Pre-School. It should be really fun. It's going to be an Elmo/Sesame Street Theme! I absolutely love Elmo and love watching sesame street! I have an Elmo doll that I carry around everywhere, he comes in my highchair with me, he comes in the car with me and he sleeps with me at night too! When we're in my highchair i feed him eggs and other food too!

I got my first haircut a couple days ago! I had my bangs cut and some cut off the back too. My hair is so thin and fine! The trim in the back makes it look a little thicker than it did. And I enjoy being able to see without my bangs in my face.

I'm sure there are so many things to tell you guys, so I'll post more as I think of them. Here are some pictures!!!


Jun 15, 2009

19 Months!

Hi Friends (and family members!):
I'll be 19 months old in just a few days. My parents can hardly believe it! I'm doing really good. Its been kind of cool lately (mid 70's) - and yes, that is cool for CA. =) But before that, it was really hot so my Mom took me to the pool a few times! Our clubhouse has a kid pool that starts at 6 inches and goes to 2 feet. The first visit I saw the pool and immediately started to cry. It was SO big! I held on to my mom for dear life. Then we got into the shallow end and my mom sat down in the pool. I was still clutching to her very very tight. She gave me some toys and still on her lap, I started to play with them. I was thinking to myself - this is kind of like the bathtub! Then one of the toys got away from me and I let go of my Mom and was sitting in the pool on my own little butt. From there on out I got more and more comfortable in the water. By the end of the day I was walking everywhere, in the deep end with my floaty, splashing and having a great time! My friend Hailey was with me too. We just had so much fun! I haven't started swim lessons yet, but maybe this summer my mom will put me in some.

I'm talking more and more these days. I can tell you what 9 different animals say, I can sing the ABC song even better now! I don't really pronounce the letters past C or D, but I'm doing good. My Mom is teaching me to count with my fingers, so we count to five and hold up a new finger with every number. We also count the stairs as I walk up and down them. I'll be counting to 10 in no time! My mom and dad thinks its pretty cool how I can understand and do almost everything they tell me to do like, Shut the door, let duke in, lay down so we can change your diaper, Sit down so we can put your shoes on, Time to eat, etc,etc. Once I can figure out how to make all the right sounds, I'll be talking up a storm!

Oh, I also drink out of big girl cup 90% of the time, I went potty on the toilet one time ( not on purpose though), I can jump when my mom and dad tell me to. I don't really get much air (if any) but I sure like to jump!

I recently took a trip to Santana Row in San Jose to visit our friends Mike and Marlena and my buddy Madison who is 5 months old. We had a great time. All I wanted to to do the whole time was get into the baby swing and the exersaucer!
I love you all.

May 18, 2009

Happy Summer

Hi Everyone!
I just wanted to give you an update! I'm doing really good! Tomorrow I turn 18 months old - 1 1/2 years!! I'm getting so big! Some of the new things I do are telling my Mom and Dad what the Cow, Duck, Lion and Horse say. I also know where my ears, nose, mouth and eyes are. I'm starting to sing the alphabet - I don't pronounce the letters very well, but I for sure have the tune of the song down! I'm learning!

I went swimming yesterday! It really was the first time I've been in a pool since I was a little baby. At first I was pretty scared and clung to my mom, but after a little while I was loving it! I even went in the deep end (of the kiddie pool - 2 ft) with my blow up disney ring. I just floated around, twirled and had a blast! And even with my fair skin and the 100 degree sun, the SPF 85 sunblock did its job! I didn't get burned at ALL!

Let's see... I spent 12 days with my Grandma and Grandpa when my Mom and Dad went on their trip to Italy and France! They had a really good time and so did I! I painted, went to the park, read books and all sorts of other fun things.

Our chickens are doing really good too, I still love to feed them and play with them. When my Mom lets them into the yard, I like to chase them around. Also, sometimes if I stick my finger out at them they peck me - crazy chickens. But most of the time I'm faster than them and when they miss my finger - I laugh at them.

Love you all!